July 17 / Club Officer Training(COT)

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2021-2022 1st-round
Division A & C Joint Club Officer Training


Role Breakouts
PPT Download & Video

President 1: James Lee

President 2: Wonder Jung

VP Education 1: Rodel Cuaton

VP Education 2: Ronald Kim

VP Membership 1: Sungil Kim

VP Membership 2: Yoon Hur

VP Public Relations: Melanie Oh

Secretary: Rathnasingh Chelladurai

Treasurer: Jiyu Son

Sergeant at Arms: Alex Lee

President 1: James Lee
VP Education 1: Rodel Cuaton
VP Education 2: Ronald Kim
Treasurer: Jiyu Son
Sergeant at Arms: Alex Lee 
General Sessions
PPT Download & Video

Toastmasters Introduction: Gilhee Park, DTM

Making Our Club Distinguished: Dongwan Lim, DTM &
Soonja Sonia Kim, DTM

Beyond Our Club & 1:N Mentoring: Anna Lee

Running hybrid Meeting: Wonil Chung, TM

Building a culture: Bryan Kim, VC2

0:12:40 Toastmasters Introduction
0:56:08 Running hybrid Meeting
1:17:52 Building a culture
Making Our Club Distinguished


Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual,
we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others.
Ralph Smedley
12:50pmNetworking (10mins)Dongwan Lim, DTM /
Alex Lee, VC4
1:00pmWelcome (10mins)
Welcome and Div A & C Introduction
Dongwan Lim, DTM /
Alex Lee, VC4
1:10pmToastmasters Introduction (10mins)
Introduction to Toastmasters & District 93
Gilhee Park, DTM

Making Our Club Distinguished (25mins) 

Dongwan Lim, DTM/
Soonja Sonia Kim, DTM

Beyond Our Club & 1:N Mentoring (25mins)   

* For people who knows DCP, MOT, CSP well

Anna Hyeyoung Lee, DTM
1:45pmTransition Time (5mins)

Role Breakouts (1hr 10mins)

* For those officers who are serving the same officer's role and attended the relevant breakout session previously, you can attend any session you are interested in.

President: James Lee, LD4 | Wonder Jung, DL1

VP of Education: Rodel Cuaton, DTM | Ronald Kim, MS1

VP of Membership: Sungil Kim, DTM | Yoon Hur, LD1

VP of Public Relations: Melanie Oh, IP2

Secretary: Rathnasingh Chelladurai, PM1

Treasurer: Jiyu Son, VC3

Sergeant at arms: Alex Lee, VC4

Session Leaders
Break (15mins)


Running hybrid Meeting  (24mins)

Wonil Chung, TM
Quality Club and Member Engagement (30mins)
Bryan Kim, VC2

Closing (10mins)

Recognition, Feedback, and Group Photo

Dongwan Lim, DTM /
Alex Lee, VC4

Joint COT Team

Division Directors
Alex Lee, VC4, PM4

Division A Director 2021-2022

Dongwan Lim, DTM

Division C Director 2021-2022

Area Directors
Division A

Area 11- Jiyu Son, VC3

Area 12- Melanie Oh, IP2

Area 13- Yoon Hur, LD1

Area 14- James Lee, LD4

Division C

Area 51- Rathnasingh Chelladurai, PM1

Area 61- Bryan Kim, VC2

Area 71- Jose Choi, PM4

Area 81- Brian Li, PM2

Timer / Zoom Master

Timer – Jo Lezada

Zoom Master – John Ahn, IP3 / Ayoung Jang, PM2

We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

District Mission